Conditions that require newborn resuscitation

At birth, the baby will soon enter a transition period to be able to breathe alone. Unfortunately, not all babies can adapt well. If the baby has the condition, then newborn resuscitation needs to be done to help his breathing, so he is able to breathe alone. In general, pulmonary resuscitation is an important medical treatment technique performed in an emergency, with the aim that blood circulation is maintained and oxygen continues to circulate throughout the body. This technique is usually done on people who experience respiratory distress, or cardiac arrest, including for newborns who experience these problems. When should newborn resuscitation be done? Aspects that need to be considered in newborns include whether the baby is born full term, how the baby's muscle strength, and whether the baby cries and is able to breathe at birth. If the baby does not meet these aspects, then the baby may need to get resuscitation. In addition, there are several other risk factors that
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